Kia Stinger Electric Successor: Codenamed GT1 and Might Feature 113.2 kWh Battery

The Kia Stinger electric successor is reportedly codenamed GT1 and might feature a 113.2 kWh battery. This new model is designed to provide drivers with a powerful and efficient electric driving experience, with features such as advanced technology, sleek design, and long-range capabilities.

The GT1 codename is an indication that Kia is taking the development of the Stinger electric successor seriously. The use of a large 113.2 kWh battery would provide the vehicle with impressive range and performance, allowing drivers to enjoy the benefits of electric driving without having to worry about range anxiety.

In addition to its advanced technology and long-range capabilities, the Kia Stinger electric successor is also expected to feature a sleek and modern design. While details are still scarce, it is likely that the vehicle will incorporate design elements from both the current Stinger and Kia’s other electric models. With its combination of advanced technology, stylish design, and impressive performance, the Kia Stinger electric successor is sure to be a popular choice among electric car enthusiasts.

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